Since the two chippers hot sale on market, many gardeners want to know what difference between

EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper


EFCUT C30 MINI Wood Chipper


  C30 C30 MINI
Waste reduction ratio 20:01


Assembled Dimensions

47.9″ x 32.1”


41.2” x 26.5”


Net weight





Unique designed check window

front and back check windows


 Two check windows


Feeding chute

13.8” x 12.2′


13.8” x 10.6”


Blades $ cutting hammers 2 blades + 6 hammers

2 blades + 4 hammers

Chipping Hours Timer None



Oil absence protection Built-in Built-in

7 thoughts on “What is the difference between C30 and C30 MINI?

  1. burl russell says:

    Are the blades interchangeable for the C30 and the C30 Mini? If not, when will replacement blades be available for the C30?

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