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JUN. 18  2024  |  Garden Care  |  By EFCUT  Michael. H

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—-Rose canker

Cankers may be caused by many different organisms, including Botrytis blight mentioned earlier. A canker may appear as a localized lesion on a stem (e.g., Coniothyrium, brand canker, left image)).s🌲🌲🌲

In other cases, cankers can appear similar to normal tissue, but show up as flat patches on branches. They commonly enlarge to girdle stems, killing the water-conducting tissues and causing the death of upper branches or terminal growth. This form of dieback can also be caused by root rot fungal pathogens that have invaded the roots or the crown of the plant at the soil line.🌹🌹🌹

What Shoule We Do?
—when they died

The canes will wilt and die back above the canker. Other symptoms occur below the union. ❗️❗️The bark darkens into a water-soaked, black region. Canes may not die but will produce fewer flowers. Canes can be pruned as soon as you notice symptoms. Fungicides may be used on newly cut areas.✂️✂️

Don’t worry about the branches.

The EFCUT C30 Mini wood chipper will help you.❤️😘 Its compact design, heavy-duty performance, and 3″ cutting capacity for your outdoor projects.


The important thing is EFCUT C30 Mini wood chipper can turns rose bush and pepper tree into nutrient-rich mulch (left image). That is your ultimate outdoor companion!❤️❤️❤️

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                        —–solve the death of rose brush branches problems?

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