2 thoughts on “How to download the online instruction manual?

  1. Robert says:

    Links return 404 not found for every manual and instructions on your website. It is very annoying since nothing was included in the package sent. Not instructions at all. Just a video which doesn’t help when you try to assemble at your cabin with no internet.
    Your company seems to try to do a good job, but this is exactly the opposite. Not instructions. No manuals, not working web links to documents. Video steps don’t agree with bolt packaging. I wasted hours figuring assembly out, but now need to know about the engine and oil before I can use it. Also you packaging for the engine was great. The other package the metal was bent and made it very difficult to assemble. Had to use plyers to bend things back and then force bolts through the holes.

    • OD - ZIT says:

      Sorry for the trouble. It casused by domain change, now both efcut.cn and efcut.com are running well, any issue please submit a ticket at support page, we will provide prompt service, thank you.

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