7 thoughts on “How long do the blades last, and can they be resharpened?

  1. Tom Tomaka says:

    I wish to change the blades on my C30 Chipper, however, the locknuts are too tight for me to loosen. I cannot remove the blades as a result. Now, I would like to remove the entire rotating assembly from inside the chipper. Then I would apply the proper tools to loosen the locknuts. Please, can you tell me how to remove this assembly and then replace it?

  2. Mike Wagner says:

    I’m in the same boat as Tom above. The 13mm wrench provided is basically usless in removing the blades. I’m able to get a socket head on the inside nut head but they won’t come out. The material the nuts are made out of is soft and due to the lock-tight, it’s now rolling. This has now turned into a big job. I’m going to open a ticket above and hope to talk with someone asap. Thanks

  3. Rosie L says:

    When replacing the blade, we recommend a 13mm ratchet wrench and a 5mm inner hexagon wrench together.

    The problem has been solved. Thank you!

  4. Mike says:

    I would like to order extra of the No. 9 – M8 Locknut, and the No.10 – M8 Hexagon Bolt for use in reusing sharpened blades, as the new blades indicate we should not re-use old M8 Locknuts. I would like to have some extras on hand.
    How do I go about ordering those?

  5. Moses Ornelas Valdez says:

    Why don’t you guys make better blades. If you chip anything remotely hard like a dry branch there go the blades. Even when I’m doing simple branches the blades get dull after a couple of hours of continuous use. Why? Blade are to short to sharpen and if you do it has to be very very lightly. Why not longer blades and harder or this made in Communist China? If I can’t get anything harder I will sell this product as it is a piece a junk without proper blades. Furthemore, some of my blades have been dull from the begining and they are hard to put in and time consuming. If I can’t get decent blades that last longer I am chucking this machine of yours.

  6. Eric Badiere says:

    Here is how I loosened the locknuts on my C30 mini chipper. I am not a mechanic and I have not tested out the new blade installation yet. I did run into the super tight locknut issue, and it threw a wrench in my plans, pardon the pun. I applied some blaster penetrating lithium grease to it and waited a few hours. I am not sure if that was needed but I was desperate as my small ratchet and 13 mm socket that fits nicely in the rotating assembly felt like it was starting to roll over the locknut, and I was afraid I’d break the ratchet. The C30 mini rotating assembly is small IMO. After waiting a few hours I took an 18 inch breaker bar with the 13 mm socket to the locknut and first tightened down a little, then loosened up. I put a strong stick in the hole to prevent the assembly from rotating. The locknut started moving slowly. Once I had it moving so that the hex top bolt was also moving I then took an Allen wrench to the hex bolt and finished removing the bolt and lock nut. Repeated 5 more times for each bolt. When replacing the blade I only tightened it with the ratchet until I felt strong resistance but no more. I don’t want to go through that again, but perhaps these locknuts tighten as the chipper runs. I don’t know. I’ll find out next time I change the blades.

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