5 thoughts on “How long do the blades last, and can they be resharpened?

  1. Tom Tomaka says:

    I wish to change the blades on my C30 Chipper, however, the locknuts are too tight for me to loosen. I cannot remove the blades as a result. Now, I would like to remove the entire rotating assembly from inside the chipper. Then I would apply the proper tools to loosen the locknuts. Please, can you tell me how to remove this assembly and then replace it?

  2. Mike Wagner says:

    I’m in the same boat as Tom above. The 13mm wrench provided is basically usless in removing the blades. I’m able to get a socket head on the inside nut head but they won’t come out. The material the nuts are made out of is soft and due to the lock-tight, it’s now rolling. This has now turned into a big job. I’m going to open a ticket above and hope to talk with someone asap. Thanks

  3. Rosie L says:

    When replacing the blade, we recommend a 13mm ratchet wrench and a 5mm inner hexagon wrench together.

    The problem has been solved. Thank you!

  4. Mike says:

    I would like to order extra of the No. 9 – M8 Locknut, and the No.10 – M8 Hexagon Bolt for use in reusing sharpened blades, as the new blades indicate we should not re-use old M8 Locknuts. I would like to have some extras on hand.
    How do I go about ordering those?

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