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EFCUT C40 WOOD CHIPPER-HIGH-PERFORMANCE ENGINE - Equipped with a robust 9HP 294CC gas-powered engine, the EFCUT C40 mulcher chipper shredder ensures faster wood processing, efficiently handling larger or harder wood with ease.

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Monster’s Teeth

  • Larger Flywheel Size: The C40 impressive performance owes much to its monstrous 15.9″ Flywheel Size like a monster’s teeth.With its jaws wide and hungry, it prowled through the undergrowth and devours all in its path with ruthless efficiency.This larger rotor size grants superior momentum and rotational force, making it a time-saving and efficient choice.
  • Long Blades made of High-Speed Steel: The blades, fashioned from high-speed steel, boast exceptional durability. Their extended length and sturdy construction enable efficient cutting of wood up to 4” in diameter, including dense hardwoods, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
EFCUT C40 WOOD CHIPPER-SUPERIOR SHREDDING CAPABILITY - Featuring a 15.9" larger flywheel paired with longer hardened steel blades, this wood chipper shredder gas powered provides greater shredding power for 4 inch diameter capacity, ensuring efficient processing and enhanced stability to meet your demands.
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EFCUT C40 WOOD CHIPPER-HIGH-PERFORMANCE ENGINE - Equipped with a robust 9HP 294CC gas-powered engine, the EFCUT C40 mulcher chipper shredder ensures faster wood processing, efficiently handling larger or harder wood with ease.


  • Enhanced Power and Performance: The EFCUT C40 wood chipper boasts a 9HP engine, ensuring unmatched power and performance. Its robust engine effortlessly shreds piles of branches, including hardwoods, at impressive speeds. Whether clearing storm debris or managing landscaping, the stronger engine guarantees faster wood chipping for efficient task completion.
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The wood chipper’s feeding chute(13.6″ x 12.2“ Feeding chute), like a massive monster’s gaping mouth, eagerly ingests large amounts of wood, poised to shred it into pieces, looks like a hungry beast!

Pull Around Your Property

Humanized design: Wood chippers equipped with handles prioritize user comfort and safety with ergonomic designs. These handles offer a secure grip for operators, enhancing stability and balance while maneuvering the chipper.

EFCUT C40 WOOD CHIPPER-EASY TO USE - The C40 wood shredder boasts a spacious feeding hopper for easy wood loading and a precise discharge chute for accurate chip ejection, and straightforward assembly, ensuring convenience from start to finish

I‘m loving this little machine. It is helping me to take back my yard.
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  • 15:1 Reduction Ratio, 15.9″ larger flywheel and longer hardened steel blades provides more stable speed and the latest durability upgrade high-speed steel blades

  • Powerful Gasoline Engine, duty 9 HP 274cc powerful gas engine,  effortlessly handling larger or harder wood with ease. powerful

  • Unique designed check windows,Unique Designed Check Windows for faster replacement of blades, making your garden work more efficient. 
  • 4″ inch Max Diameter Capacity, unique in the market.

Absolutely yes!you can purchase online which is very convenient, our website is www.efcut.com
You can shop at our official Amazon website, the link is amazon.com/efcut


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2 thoughts on “Explore the unique features of EFcut C40 wood chipper

  1. Ray Brassard says:

    Hi there. I’m interested in the C40 wood chipper but I noticed it’s no longer being carried on Amazon. Does it still exist as an option through your company and if so I would like to get more information. I noticed on your site that it states that it is a 9 hp engine but in the description it says it’s a 7 hp. “ EFCUT C40 Wood Chipper, 4″ inch Max Diameter Capacity, 9 HP 274cc Gas Powered Engine Heavy Duty Shredder Mulcher”. Could you please verify? Lastly, what is the price? Is it different from the $999.99 I originally had seen.

    • Rosie L says:

      Hi Ray Brassard. We have updated our inventory, you can purchase on line click (https://amzn.to/3Q7TuXJ)
      Engine, we are sure that it is equipped with a 9 HP engine, not the described 7 HP. We will update the description on the website to ensure that the information is accurate. You can click (https://bit.ly/C40woodchipper) to review the C40.
      Price, Click link (https://amzn.to/3Q7TuXJ) to view price. Please note that prices are subject to change due to promotions, discounts or special events.
      Thanks for your attention, if you have any additional questions, please contact us, We look forward to helping you!

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