So HOT EFCUT C30 MINI on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Together with C30 wood chipper, C30 MINI gained so hot sale on both and EFCUT.CN, daily sale over 90 units. C30 MINI wood chipper actually is not a child chipper of C30, it was developed by ZMT engineering team since beginning of 2010 for targets: simple structure for stable performance and easy maintenance in [read more]

Can I use regular unleaded gas on C30 MINI?

The engine must apply unleaded gasoline with an octane number over 86. Using unleaded gasoline will decrease the possibility of producing carboll deposit and will prolong the engine’s service life. Never apply used or polluted gasoline or a mixture of gasoline with engine oil. Make sure the fuel is free of dirt and water. If [read more]

C30 mini Wood Chipper will be on market shortly, PRETTY PRICE !

C30 mini wood chipper is designed based on C30 wood chipper, its compact structure design makes assembly, operation and maintenance easier, most of all, it will have a pretty price! HIGHLIGHTS OF C30 MINI WOOD CHIPPER : Not need to assemble air filter at user end. Automatic stop when lube oil exhausts. Light-weight design, even lighter [read more]

See what people say about EFCUT C30 wood chipper shredder

Although it has a mini in its name, EFCUT C30 comes with a 212cc gasoline-powered engine. The machine quite powerful and offers a reduction ratio of 20:1. Besides, it also has an extra-large hopper, which can handle up to 3” diameter logs quite efficiently. Like most professional wood chippers, this one, too, comes with only [read more]